19 April 2013

Tulips and (Almost) Toddlers

Madeleine's weekly photo was late because we were out and about all day Wednesday, soaking up the most of the sunny day with our PEPS friends at the local tulip festival.

Although this is my eighth spring living in western Washington, I'd never been to the Skagit Tulip Festival. Being there reminded me of a few things: I no longer live April in fear of early May law school exams; spring and the promise of summer make rainy winters worth it; and having Madeleine along for the ride encourages me to get up and do things that I might otherwise put off. 

Enough talk - queue the photos!

Are these guys cute or what?!

Photo Credit: Kelly

Photo Credit: Kristen

Photo Credit: Erin

It was such a gorgeous day, and I so enjoyed spending it with my PEPS ladies and babies. In a week of horrible tragedy, Wednesday's outing was a nice reminder of how much I have in my life. 


denayeb said...

Amazing pictures. I am loving the longish short hair.

Janie said...

Beautiful photo's...beautiful words.
Beautiful granddaughter..beautiful daughter and best friend. Blessings abound!

ALKS said...

Thanks, D! I think I'm going to keep it this way for a while.