01 April 2013

Crafting Fail, Or How To Mess Up A (Really) Simple Project

A few weeks ago, Misha and I had a crafternoon and decided to make our own framed keys based upon this Pinspiration. As Misha mentioned, it's a pretty stinkin' simple project.

I was super pumped to find these frames at Target because the glass is not directly on the photo without being a full on shadow box. Bonus: they'd been bumped around in the store so badly that I got a discount.

After about a million coats of antique brass spray paint, my frames were ready to go.

I cut maps for each frame and glued them to the frame paper with a little bit of rubber cement.

Then I plopped heavier glue on the keys, put the keys where I wanted, closed the frames, clicked a few pictures, and smiled at a completed project done with great company.

The next morning, I went to admire my creation and instead discovered that glue was taking up as much of the maps as the keys. Turns out, I was way too heavy handed on the heavier glue for the keys. Doh!

So now I'm hoping that super mega tough glue is going to come off of the keys so that I can get some new maps, press the rewind button, and start again. And, no, this is not an April Fool's joke.

Have you ever screwed up a really simple project? Was your re-do successful?

{Pssst. Here's what happened.}


smacris said...

I think it would be cool if you had a key from each place you lived, or at least cut out a map with where you lived, sort of like a timeline. :)

Janie said...

Love the idea...both will conjure up memories each time you look at them.

aaron and misha said...

Bummer! I was worried because I used Fabritac since I was out of anything else, but since my key sits right up against the glass, I knew I needed just a tiny bit. But I am still going to check on mine when I get home!