18 April 2013

Madeleine - Week 42

Madeleine is moving. She crawls when she wants to get somewhere quickly and isn't afraid to pull up on just about anything. Over the last week, I've seen her doing more one-handed holds and getting more curious about moving while standing up. She is also well on her way to mastering walking behind her little walker cart.

Our sweet girl continues to be a good eater. This week, she had her first Chipotle soft taco, enjoyed the taste of lemon on pasta, and seemed to (mostly) enjoy salmon, ground buffalo, roasted red peppers, cannellini beans, and brussels sprouts with dill. 

I thought I heard Madeleine repeat "duck" when she was playing in the bath. There is certainly something clicking in the language center of her brain because this week she both responded appropriately to a question I asked in Spanish and started signing some things we haven't used in weeks. 

Madeleine has made big strides in the social department this week. After a few difficult visits to our gym's childcare, she finally had a tear-free visit yesterday. I noticed a difference in how much she socialized with the other kids in our mom/baby group as well. While I'm glad that she is attached to me, what a relief to see her more comfortable without me!

Finally, despite a day or two of teething, lots of drool, and a runny nose, Miss M is still toothless. I guess I'll just continue to enjoy that sweet toothless grin and appreciate that gnawing on her crib doesn't yet leave a mark. 

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