22 April 2013

Grass Exploration

I wasn't planning a second post for today, but I just can't help but share some phone photos from the afternoon. After all, it is Earth Day, and this morning's post was about playing.

It all started when Madeleine and I ate our lunch in the sun on our patio. The sun was shining beautifully, and I was itching to get outside after Madeleine slept for nearly three hours.

This was pre-chili. It got a lot messier - promise!

After lunch, Madeleine wanted to explore her seat. Fair enough. She explored the heck out of it. Never mind that we were on the edge of our large lawn, she wanted to sit, stand, and check out her seat for 20 minutes, which is practically forever in baby time. At least I convinced her to get her bare piggies into the grass.

While she was checking out her seat, a couple of earthworms came up to check her out. I put one on her foot, and she was definitely curious. I let her pick it up, hoping I'd be able to intercept in time if she decided to eat it. She didn't - thankfully. She eventually put it down dropped it, and it slithered away.

"I dropped it, Mum."

Getting back to her seat exploration, she made some pretty funny faces for the camera.

Then...finally...she decided to crawl away into the grass. The first time, she only went about five yards; the second time, she ventured a bit farther.

Both times, she eventually crawled right back to me. Good girl.

I'd planned to take a walk this afternoon, but I think Madeleine got a lot more out of exploring her environment. While I'm usually a stick with the plan kind of girl, I'm glad we went with the flow today.

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Janie said...

What a beautiful post!!!!! I love all the photo's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our little girl learned a ton today.