20 May 2014

Another Special Guest

A couple days after Denaye and David left, we got to host another special guest: Pierre! He and George have been friends since they were primary school age, and it's always a treat when we get to catch up with Pierre. The last time he was in the States was for our wedding, and we're hopeful that he'll bring his better half and two energetic offspring next time.

Pierre requested burgers, and we happily obliged. His timing was superb as he landed just as I was experiencing a beef craving. I suspect that my iron levels had been lagging, but I bet they aren't anymore!

Brave Horse Tavern

Lunchbox Lab

George and Pierre had a few opportunities to kick back and enjoy each other's company over a pint or two.

With s'mores on the "must do" list, we had our inaugural fire (built by two city boys before the country girl could build a more sensible fire) and roasted marshmallows. Don't worry: Madeleine's slide was well out of flame and heat range.

Speaking of Miss M, she was most taken with her Uncle Pierre and tortured him with repeated requests for reading the garbage truck book. While definitely sad to see him go, she seemed to understand that he needed to leave to get back to his two boys waiting at home.

Good visit, Pierre. Come back soon! 


Pierre said...

Fire pits make fire.

Groo make fire.

Great times, thanks for hosting ... I'm still eating burgers :D

Janie said...

Looks like a wonderful, wonderful time. Traveling mercies, Pierre.