29 May 2014

Baby #2: Third Trimester Update

As this pregnancy train is running full steam ahead into the third trimester, I thought I'd share an update in much the same style as my last update. I'm just into my third trimester at 28 weeks pregnant.

How are you feeling? 
For the most part, nightly use of a body pillow and weekly prenatal yoga are keeping me feeling good; however, I am definitely feeling pregnant as of the last week or two. I feel large, bump my belly into things that seem like they're far away from me, and generally have more aches and pains now than I have the rest of the pregnancy. No matter how much water I drink, I'm now getting regular (about a dozen a day) Braxton Hicks contractions. Heartburn reliably appears as my stomach gets hungry around 3 or 4pm.

Probably the worst thing about this pregnancy has been my weak immune system. With a toddler in the house and daily treks to germy places, I have had some sort of illness (even if it only lasts a day or two) an average of every other week. I have my fingers crossed that stable weather over the summer will usher in some relief for the last stretch of the pregnancy. Please?!

Are you still exercising? 
Yes and no. I've fallen off the circuit training wagon, and - while I aspire to return - it's unlikely I'll be back to that class until about 3+ months post-partum. I'm still going to my two-hour prenatal yoga class as often as my schedule allows (1-2 times per week). Madeleine has been very keen on her stroller lately, so I'm taking a walk whenever the opportunity presents itself. Walking the hilly trail near our house (especially pushing a 25-lb. toddler in a 25-lb. stroller) on a regular basis should keep me fit, though my body is pretty clear about telling me when I'm pushing it too hard.

23.5 weeks (late April)  (see 24.5 weeks with Madeleine)

How big are you? 
As the pregnancy has progressed, I've gotten much more relaxed with my weight gain. I'm definitely bigger than I was at this point in my pregnancy with Madeleine, but that is to be expected in the second pregnancy, especially when starting out 20 or so pounds heavier. I'm still sensitive to comments about my weight and size (who wouldn't be?), but I can say that I'm mostly at peace with my growing, bumping bump. Again, I feel like it has gotten bigger and fuller of baby in the last week or so.

28 weeks (see 28.5 weeks with Madeleine)

Are you feeling the baby?
Yes, again more so in the last couple of weeks. I've noticed a marked difference between the soft, wispy wiggles I'd been feeling for much of the pregnancy and the strong kicks with forceful movements I'm now feeling regularly. I suspect baby boy is rather tall as there are times when I can feel him in both my ribs and pelvis at the same time. He's starting to respond to pokes, so I'm hopeful that his first poke at Madeleine will not be too far away.

Any adjustments to your due date? 
My due date remains the same, though I am measuring a few weeks ahead of it. This is not the slightest bit alarming to me as I consistently measured a month ahead with Madeleine. I think it's a result of having anterior placentas and "extra padding" in my mid region. What is more concerning to me is the maternal instinct I have that Baby Boy is going to make his appearance early. I'm hoping for either August 8th or the 13th or later. Why? Because there are different conventions for writing the date around the world, particularly in the US and NZ, it is far more clear what date is meant if the day of birth is either the same number as the month or higher than 12.

How are you handling warming temperatures? 
Until very recently, I'd actually been running even colder than normal, which is saying something for this natural coldie. About three weeks ago, it was like a switch clicked, and I was suddenly hot...so things could definitely get interesting. Back when I had a sticky newborn Madeleine in my arms a million hours a day during a hot summer, I swore it had to be more comfortable to be pregnant in the summer. I'll get to find out. Strangers' favorite topic of conversation with me is about how I'll be pregnant all summer, so I won't be forgetting any time soon.

Does this baby have a name yet?
No, but we are definitely working on it almost daily. We're pretty confident that we have a middle name, so we need to figure out the right first name. This has been a very different process from naming Madeleine because we actually have several names that we think could work. Like Madeleine, we won't be sharing the name until Baby Boy has arrived.

How is the nursery coming? 
We're continuing to work through our list (see updates to the original nursery post), though the real progress will start once the furniture arrives...any day now. Then it's game-on for making sheets, arranging the room, putting together and hanging the mobile, and generally being able to actually see things in the space. I promise that I'll share the finished product as soon as there is a finished product to share.

Have I left one of your burning questions unanswered? Leave it in the comments.


Janie said...

Good to hear all the details. Oh, I can't wait to see our little (hopefully) carrot-top boy!

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous!