03 June 2014

No Stress Sundae Bar

I'm quickly learning that hosting parties is way more fun if you can take care of the labor in advance. It was this motivation that led me to my latest discovery: pre-scooped ice cream.

The week of the party, I simply washed and dried a bunch of canning Mason jars...in adult and toddler sizes, of course. Then, I scooped some vanilla ice cream into them, and sealed the jars for freezing. Mason jars come in such fun shapes and sizes these days! 

The day of the party, the jars went into a cooler of ice, where they stayed frozen until it was time to dig in. Each guest could pull out a jar, take off the lid, and top as desired. 

When it's all said and done, the jars go into the dishwasher to be used again. Eco-friendly. No stress. Delicious. {Psst - this could also work well for root beer floats.} 

What's not to love?

1 comment:

Janie said...

No stress entertaining. Love it! And a great idea, as well. Recently we were at a restaurant (Cheddar's in Boardman)and they have little desserts in(semi-large) shot glasses. Great little sweet treat at the end of a meal but not overload after a big meal. Another great tip.