19 June 2014

More May Weekends

Here we are...more than halfway through June...and I still haven't shared the rest of our fun May weekends. The first weekend, Denaye, David, and Nico visited from Texas, and the second weekend, Pierre visited from New Zealand.

The third weekend, Robyn and Andrew visited us on their way through North America. Madeleine did her standard hazing ritual, which is to demand that guests read to her almost continuously...sometimes the same book on repeat. They were good sports and even shared their tablet with Madeleine, which she thought was fantastic. As a result, Madeleine joined us in being sad to say goodbye.

The following weekend, we celebrated Memorial Day with a trip to the Willamette Valley. It was great fun to spend vacation time with "Cooper's family" even though George and I were zombies after Madeleine turned into a sleeping nightmare. Let's just say that we won't be sharing a room with her ever again. But...at least we all enjoyed our daytime fun!

A trip to Willamette Valley isn't complete without a visit to our favorite, Eyrie Vineyards. This time, Madeleine got to join in on the tasting with her very first juice box. What a treat!

We also carried on our tradition of snapping a photo of a growing Madeleine next to barrel #78. Compare with last November and last May, when she wasn't even walking yet. 

As you can tell, May was a packed month for us..but oh so fun!

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Janie said...

What visuals with the 3 photo's by barrel 78. Wow, she has grown! Love the play gym shot. What swinging fun!