27 November 2013

Spontaneity lives!

Last Thursday at about 10pm, we decided to take a weekend trip to Oregon, and we left the next morning. This is the most spontaneous I've been in at least five years. Seriously.

George's brother, Heath, is visiting us and was keen to see the Spruce Goose, so we got right up in the cockpit. 

The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum was fantastic and surprisingly kid-friendly. Not only did it have a great kiddo section and kid-friendly volunteers, but it has an equally impressive, Madeleine-approved playground. I'm already itching to go back to explore a little more and check out the water park.

We took advantage of having a photographer with us to get a family picture.

Our favorite winery, Eyrie, was having a special tasting event, and we just had to stop in. It was Madeleine's second visit to Eyrie (third if you count in utero), and she was just as charming as usual, ducking through the wine barrels in search of "cheese, peeeeeeeez!"

{compare with our visit in May}

Unfortunately, Miss Madeleine woke up on Sunday morning with a fever, so we cut our Portland plans a little short and headed home with a sleepy baby in the back seat right after a delicious brunch.

Nonetheless, it was a fantastic weekend. We stayed in an immaculately clean rental house in McMinnville thanks to VRBO, where we saw a family of deer several times. And, wow, did we eat well! Our two visits to Bistro Maison blew us away; our standard for orange juice hit a new level at Crescent Cafe; and we got to meet THE mother while enjoying an amazing meal at Mothers. This weekend reminded me, yet again, why the Willamette Valley is one of my favorite places to visit.

What's your favorite weekend getaway spot?

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Janie said...

Sounds...and looks...like a great weekend. What a difference a few months make!