22 November 2013

Pinned It & Did It: Four-Ingredient Pancakes

It's time to share my go-to pancake recipe, which I discovered via Pinterest. You're shocked - I know.

Pin. Original Source

I love that this recipe calls for items that are pretty much always in the house and can be adapted in about a million different ways. I pretty much always use honey Greek yogurt. If I make it without fruit, I tend to add some honey so that it's sweet enough for me. These pancakes are fantastic with blueberries, mashed bananas, or apples (and cinnamon!). Both regular and whole wheat flour have worked well, and I suspect that gluten-free flour would work well, too. The only time I managed to screw up this recipe was when I was careless with the baking soda and added way too much. That makes my success record something like 30-1. Not bad.

Here's the other thing I love about these pancakes: they freeze well and taste very nearly as good after being frozen and reheated as they do fresh from the pan. They're also pretty neat for toddlers to eat, which is why Madeleine gets fruity pancakes for breakfast in the car on the way to daycare pretty much every day that I work at the office. Minimal crumbs + no sticky hands = win.

The only downside to this recipe is that it makes a rather small quantity (roughly nine fist-sized pancakes). That said, the recipe doubles and triples very well and goes a lot farther as more and more fruit is added to the batter.

Pancake day comes at least once a week at our house thanks to this very simple recipe. Give it a try!

Madeleine says so.


Janie said...

These look yummy and I love that they can be frozen. I will try them.

denayeb said...

Look at that hair! Its getting so long--was this before or after the cut?

ALKS said...

Before. It really was out of control.

Anonymous said...

Trying these things tomorrow! I have different yogurt flavors, so N can pick his favorite!

ALKS said...

How's they turn out, Mandy?