11 November 2013

Baby B's Nursery

I apologize for my recent absence. Last weekend, I skipped town and headed to Dallas to spend some QT with my bestie, Denaye, before she gives birth to her first born in a few short weeks. It was my first weekend away (and first night away, not counting the little surgical incident) since Madeleine's arrival. George was a trooper to go it alone with Miss M for the weekend, especially considering that he had to deal with a 20-hour power outage and only having an electric car at his disposal. As much as I enjoyed my time with Denaye (and briefly with David), it was wonderful to feel my girl leap into my arms and get a nice, tight hug from my one true love when I returned on Sunday night.

Denaye and I spent most of the weekend chatting up a storm and generally just enjoying each other's company while taking a yoga class, finishing baby shopping, and eating truly delicious food. As a result, I didn't take many pictures during the visit (not even a selfie with D - doh!). I did, however, snap some pictures of Baby B's nursery-in-progress on my phone. Apologies for the quality of the photos. 

Baby B's nursery is incredibly soothing and comfortable. As soon as you step into the room, you know that the baby living in this room is loved...even before he arrives. I love how the room is going to be a calm sanctuary for him as a newborn while growing into a really fun play space as he gets older.

I was glad to confirm what Denaye had previously told me: the colors of the quilt really did match the ones on the rug. Those colors tie the whole room together and give it such a serene feeling.

How cute are these prints above the changing area? I love the mustache men and the cheeky humor they bring to the space. This changing pad seems like a brilliant idea, and I can't wait to hear whether it's as comfortable but easy to clean up as it seems.

Yes, that is one of my divided baskets, lined with this fabric.

Baby B's book and toy collections are well on their way. I love the mix of traditional and non-traditional shelving.

This bunting, in the colors of the quilt, is going to be hung either under the window or in one of the corners.

I can't wait to see the final nursery and - more importantly - meet the star of the show! Speaking of, his big sister, Lucy (the most patient and gentle dog ever), is pretty excited for his arrival, too!

Ok - time for the favorite element game. I think my favorite is the rug because I can picture Baby B having his first tummy time there, learning to crawl on it, and racing his cars around the streets. What's your favorite part of Baby B's nursery?

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Janie said...

My favorite part? That cozy chair where many memories will be made.