25 November 2013

Snip. Snip.

It happened: Madeleine had long enough hair to need a haircut. 

She still doesn't really have that much hair, but the back was getting long enough that her wispy mullet had to go. 

Although she was relatively patient with the whole process, I found that it was much easier to get Madeleine to look down by giving her one of her favorite books ("babies!") than to ask her to look down. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that she was pretty curious about why sharp, cold scissors were going near her neck. 

While I should not pursue a career in cosmetology, I'm satisfied with the results. 

 So, who wants to place a bet for how long it'll be till she needs her next haircut?


Janie said...

Yours was slow coming in too. Just wait....she'll soon have beautiful, soft, curlie locks!

denayeb said...

It has grown in so much in the past few months!

I was kind of partial to the mullet personally...