07 May 2014

Weekend Visitors

We were so happy to have Denaye, David, and Nicolas visit us this past weekend from the great state of Texas. We only had a day and a half of good weather before rain set in for the rest of their visit. Despite the grey skies, we had a great time catching up, taking in a few local attractions, eating delicious food, and laughing pretty hard. And you would never know this was Nico's inaugural trip; he is a natural born traveler!

Madeleine and Nico were fast friends. He hardly took his eyes off of her, and she was all too willing to bring him toys and offer cuddles. Of course, she also nearly sat on top of him while trying to sit by him and ripped toys out of his hands on more than one occasion. Nonetheless, it was fun to see the beginning of a friendship and get some more confirmation that Miss M is ready to be a big sister.

Kisses for Nico
Denaye and I did some (mostly window) shopping at a few of my favorite local kid stores (for locals who are curious: Hanna Andersson outlet, Merry Go Round, Wee Tots). David was able to get out and explore a few miles of our local utility/horse/walking/running/biking trail before the rain. He said that he enjoyed it, and I'm seriously impressed at anyone who can run those hills!

All six of us took in Pike Place Market on a busy, sunny Friday. The kiddos loved having so much to see, and Madeleine enjoyed the dried apple sample she scored from a vendor.

Denaye and David requested a visit to Din Tai Fung, which they had visited on a trip to China. We are a dumpling-loving family and were more than happy to make it happen. Spicy wontons continue to be a favorite of all three locals. Yum!

Living so close to the heart of wine country, we had to do a few tastings. We visited an old favorite and some new-to-us wineries and were pleased on all accounts. It was particularly cool that Denaye and David caught a rainbow when they had popped out for a quick tasting one afternoon.

Finally, do you think that the visit would be complete without matching outfits? No way.

There aren't enough words for me to say how much we all enjoyed spending the long weekend with the B family! Perhaps Madeleine said it all when she whimpered the whole way home from taking them to the airport. I kept telling her, "it's okay to be sad. I'm sad, too." Our next connection, whether in Washington, Texas, Ohio, or somewhere else entirely can't come soon enough!

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Janie said...

What a great post. Loved it so much an oh what reminiscing I did as I read. How wonderful.