01 May 2014

Misha's Spring Baby Shower

This past weekend, I hosted Misha's baby shower, inspired by the lively growing season surrounding us right now. I thoroughly enjoyed not only preparing for the festivities but also chatting with Misha's lovely friends and family. She has some truly spectacular people supporting her and Aaron as they enter this new chapter in their lives.

As I said, I took inspiration from spring when planning the shower and landed on soft yellow, green, and white. Pinterest offered its fair share of inspiration as well.

My saintly husband blew up and hung over 50 balloons from the ceiling in our formal living room. At least I was able to do the string tying and curling. :-) Here is the Pinspiration (turns out, pennies weren't necessary).

Aside from the balloons and some simple paper buntings, I used bright fresh flowers to decorate.

For beverages, I served cucumber water and strawberry thyme lemonade.

I seem to have inherited my mother's food estimation curse because I completely over-estimated the amount of food we needed and have been working through a fridge of leftovers. We ate veggies, mini spinach-artichoke cups, cheese, fruit, cupcakes, lemon cookies, and French macaroons. Using vases for the veggies was Pinspired.

To create a little piece of art for Baby L's nursery, we made a fingerprint balloon bouquet in the nursery's accent colors.

As a final thank you to the guests, I sent them away with plantable paper (inside the envelope) and a piece of chocolate.

What an honor it was to celebrate you and your baby, Misha! You're going to be an amazing mother!


aaron and misha said...

Thank you so much Amanda for the most beautiful shower! I felt so spoiled and honored that you thought thru so much for this event! xo

Janie said...

The balloon hanging...yep, George is a true Saint! How beautiful though. Looked like a fun (and yummy) event!

curtis03 Lewis said...

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