16 May 2014

Friday I'm in Love

I'm back with another edition of Friday I'm in Love, highlighting a few things that have recently caught my eye and made my heart go pitter patter. Be sure to check out Misha's and Kendra's picks for the week, too!

ONE: Super easy watermelon cutting method

I love watermelon yet always hesitate to buy them because of dreading the cutting process. For Misha's shower, I used this super easy method for the second time. It works like a charm, leaving you with uniform cubes of watermelon in no time at all!

TWO: Blooming Azaleas and Rhododendrons 

Azaleas and rhodies do very well in the Pacific Northwest, but we only get to enjoy their full blooming beauty for a couple of weeks each year. I've been tempted several times in this past year to pull out the large quantities of azaleas we have planted in our yard, but I now withdraw my protests after seeing the show our garden is putting on this spring. Wow!

THREE: Bamboo clothing

I just can't get enough bamboo clothing lately. The few pieces of Kickee Pants wear that Madeleine had as a baby were favorites, winning a spot in my heart for being soft, stretchy (ie having an extended fit time), and environmentally friendly. I recently learned that they're local (based on Bainbridge Island), and I've been shopping for another piece or two for our newest little one. It remains to be seen whether I can resist the strong urge to pick up on of their adult gowns for myself.

FOUR: Sun + Cloth Diapers

As the frequency of sunny days increases, I find myself excited about hauling my drying rack and freshly laundered cloth diapers outside to spend the day in the sun. It's amazing what a few hours in the sun can do to stains and funky smells, even if our spring Seattle sun isn't quite warm enough to dry the diapers all the way through.

Having enjoyed a sunny week in Seattle, there's a lot to love. What are you loving this Friday? 

1 comment:

Janie said...

Where do I begin? What a great water melon idea...and just in time for summer eating! The plants are simply beautiful. Ours in NE Ohio had a LOT of freeze damage and are only in 1/4 to 1/2 bloom so yours are a delight.
Laundry outside...ah, my dream day.Nothing smells better than sheets dried outside on a a cool day. Yes!