24 June 2014

Baby Brunch

On Saturday, my dear friends Misha and Kelly threw me a baby brunch at one of my favorite spots in Seattle: Steelhead Diner. The weather was fabulous and the traffic was fierce on a day with major road closures due to construction and local events, but ten fine ladies came out to celebrate baby boy.

I'd asked that the gathering be kept small and simple with the emphasis on spending a few hours with the ladies, just enjoying ourselves without having to worry about the outside pressures of our families and other commitments, and they totally delivered.

The table was set with kraft paper runner, fresh flowers, succulent favors, and "wishes for baby" cards.

The side table, overlooking the patio and Elliott Bay, was decorated with tiny onesies hung on a burlap string, clipped on with tiny washi tape-covered clothes pins. So cute!

We guessed the number of candies in the jar (just over 100!), and guests used their thumbprints to make a darling piece of art for the nursery.

By the time it was all over, I certainly felt special and loved. Thank you, ladies!

Misha & Amanda

Kelly & Amanda


Janie said...

What a fun, fun, FUN day! I am so sorry that I am far away and couldn't be there to enjoy the day! How special! What a cute idea with the thumb prints...I'm a'stealing that one!

Misha C. S. Lower said...

Such a fun celebration & I was so honored to be able to celebrate Baby Boy with you & your nearest & dearest! XO