11 June 2014

Second Birthday Party

Photo Credit: Eric W.

Like last year, we celebrated Madeleine's birthday along with the birthdays of her PEPS friends. Unlike last year, this year's festivities were low key. We hung out in the yard, played on the play structure, and ate delicious food that everyone brought. It was fabulous!

Of course, we snapped more than a few photos along the way. A friend of another family came along to take some fancier shots for us - thanks, Eric!

Photo Credit: Eric W.

Photo Credit: Eric W.

Eric took our annual (we can call it that after two years in a row, right?) whole group photo. We've gained three new smiles!

Photo Credit: Eric W.

Last year, we lined up the kiddos with a single balloon behind them and a cake in front of them.

Photo Credit: Evantide Photography

We did a similar thing this year with two balloons per kiddo and yummy cupcakes made by Jill.

Our babies are well on their way to being full blown kiddos, and it's so fun to watch! Happy 2nd birthday! 

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