06 February 2015

Friday I'm in Love

As upbeat and beautiful as the weather and mood were in Seattle last week, this week has been the opposite. Boy, am I ready for the week and the constant rain to be done!

Moving on...

ONE: Mac and Cheese Trick

Macaroni and cheese is one of Madeleine's favorite foods, and it's a go-to when we're low on food for lunch. I never make it according to the box, though. I typically use greek yogurt in place of butter and milk, add extra cheese, and dress it up with frozen veggies or leftovers. This week, I made a fabulous pot of mac and cheese by crumbling a lamb burger patty and mixing in left over curry. Yum! Little miss has been pretty picky lately, but she ate a pile of it!

TWO: Baby Cheapskate

I also scroll through Baby Cheapskate to see what sales are happening. I love it for monthly sale predictions as well as notice of what's on sale right now. '

THREE: Mack Weldon Shirts

George has had a couple of these for quite a while. Every time I fold them, I consider sticking them in my pile to "borrow" for a while. I revealed my lust to George, who kindly ordered me some soft goodness. I want to wear my shirt for bed every night. If you're looking for something soft for your Valentine this year, look no further.

Welcome to the weekend, now go check out what the other gals - MishaKendraMary Beth, and Laura - are loving this week, too.

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Janie said...

Mixing in leftovers? Hey, that is the Dickey-McCamon way. What you added makes a meal in one dish. Smart thinking! Now, just how can you stick things she might not like in a Dump-A-Ling ;-)