20 February 2015

Friday I'm in Love

Hello, Friday! Time to share some love, and be sure to check out what MishaKendraMary Beth, and Laura are loving this week, too.

ONE: OXO Tot Baby Food Containers

We bought a couple sets of these when Madeleine was just starting solids, and they have served us well. They're great for purees for babies and grow with kiddos as they hold snacks and small portions. I even take them to work with me on occasion! Now that Elliott's eating solids, they're getting used for their original purpose once again.

TWO: This Cape Tutorial

Madeleine has been on a super hero kick for a month or so. She calls herself "Super Madeleine," puts her arm in front of her, and yells "zoooooom" as she runs around the house. We exploit this activity when we want her to do something or go somewhere quickly. I digress. Madeleine had found my old nursing cover and repurposed it into a cape and, while that was super cute, I wanted to make her a proper cape. The internet led me to this terrific tutorial, which was a good match with some of the 52 yards of fabric I have sitting around for Miss M's use. It was super easy and took me more time to pick fabric than it did to cut and sew.

THREE: Dinosaur Train

Madeleine is a big PBS Kids fan (not that we expose her to much else), and she's recently branched out beyond Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street to enjoy Dinosaur Train. I appreciate the messages (including the main family having an adopted dinosaur who doesn't look like them) and scientific explanations within the show. Perhaps it's just because it's something new, but I actually enjoy watching episodes with her.

Happy Friday! I'm especially thankful for our temps in the 50s and 60s with most of my family enduring temps of -20 or colder (Fahrenheit!).

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Janie said...

Oh no, now Grammer will have to look for Dino-items! Sounds like an awesome show. And the cape....yep, I've seen her zoom and she is one fast toddler! The M is for Magnificent Madeleine!