04 February 2015

January 2015 Recap

I'm going to attempt to write monthly (photo) summaries this year in an attempt to document our everyday life for friends and family who want to see how we spend our days.

Right around midnight on Dec 31/Jan 1, Elliott woke up, wheezing. We ended up spending several hours in the emergency room while he got a steroid treatment and a chest x-ray. Diagnosis: croup.

Madeleine loves reading to her brother and babies. 

January was the inaugural Jumperoo month for Elliott, and I feel like he has really matured from the beginning to end. 

I went back to work. Thanks to Freemie, pumping is easily concealed.

Elliott was invited to his first (but most definitely not his last) tea party.

This little girl came up with some seriously silly songs and moves.

Grandma came to visit, and - amongst other things - we took her to Din Tai Fung for "dump-a-lings," Madeleine's favorite! 

While Grandma was holding down the fort with the kiddos, George and I escaped to Vegas for a wonderful weekend of sunshine, delicious food, gambling, and kid-free time.

I took about a million photos of Elliott sleeping this month, and this was my favorite. Relaxed much?

On a beautifully sunny and warm Sunday, we made and impromptu visit to a small local zoo, where Madeleine was able to see deer up close and personal. 

We all enjoyed our zoo visit. 

During one of our PEPS meetings, we took a picture of the kids who wanted to sit on the couch for a picture. Note, this represents less than half of our group. We're a growing (moving!) bunch! 

Madeleine climbed to the top of her Jacob's ladder for the first time and was so proud of it. 

Elliott had his first taste of solids.

These two made us laugh, scream, roll our eyes, smile, and cry. We love them so!

I can't wait to see what's in store for February!

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Janie said...

After a crazy day and MORE MORE MORE snow, what a delight this post was. Love it! What a recap!