02 February 2015

Elliott's First Solids

Way back when, I documented Madeleine's first bites of solid food, and I wanted to do the same with Elliott. Both of them started with oatmeal, though this is one area where Elliott benefits from being the second kid because, this time around, we know to offer baby oatmeal rather than grown up oatmeal.

This kid loves food. Milk. Formula. Combination of milk and formula. Oatmeal. He is definitely a member of our family!

Here's how it went down:

What do you have, Mum?

I'm not taking my eyes off of that stuff.

Put it in my mouth!

That's right.

Hmmm...I'm not sure what I think about it.

I'll have more of it!

As you can see, Elliott is doing well with sitting up at the table in the booster seat (one of my favorite baby/kid items), so I'm guessing that he'll spend most meals sitting with us like this. Where, oh where, is my baby?!

1 comment:

Janie said...

What a sweet series of pictures! He is 100% anticipation! And then 100% satisfaction! YUM!