23 September 2013

Dim Sum = Success

A few days ago, George and I experienced a parenting success. Of course, there are at least 85 million ways to parent, and any parent's definition of success is really just a measure along their own continuum of parenting values, goals, and priorities. In such a subjective experience, it's nice to see evidence, albeit subjective evidence, of progress. Okay, you say, you saw evidence of meeting your own definition of parenting success. What does that have to do with dim sum? Allow me to explain.

About three years ago, George and I were in New Zealand when we met friends for dim sum one morning. Their daughter, maybe 15 months old at the time, sat right up at the table and had a sampling of dim sum along with the adults. After the meal, we commented that it was pleasant to be around her and impressive that she tucked right into the food we were eating. That day, we vowed that it be our goal to raise future children to behave like Catherine.

Since Madeleine has been born, we've often reminded each other of that meal, continuing to aspire to have Madeleine eat grown up food at the table with us in a way that allows us to still enjoy the meal. This is hardly a universal parenting priority, but it is one of our parenting priorities. Well, a few days ago, we went to dim sum, and I felt a little nervous about the approach of our moment of truth. Madeleine sat at the table, tucked into the wontons and dumplings placed in front of her, and confidently signed "more" when they were gone. I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear.

If you're reading, Chris and May, thanks for the inspiration.


Carly said...

It's so important to us that our children eat what we eat as well. I would hate to make multiple meals for my girls. So glad you and I don't have to do that :)

Anonymous said...

Still engaged, no kids, but I completely agree. I want my child(ren) to be curious and try new things. I am uninterested in creating or ordering multiple meals or "kid proofing" my own. You'll be my inspiration someday.