09 September 2013

Summer Summary

It's a little tough to think about summer wrapping up with the fall equinox still a few weeks away and this week's forecast including sunshine and 80 degrees; however, Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer, so it's time to share some highlights from the season. 

What a summer it was! We kicked it off with an Oregon roadtrip, had our house painted, celebrated Madeleine's first birthday (day of and with friends), hosted two grandmas and a great aunt, adjusted to the mother of the house going back to work, visited friends and family in Ohio (and dogs), enjoyed the best summer weather most Seattleites can remember, and wrapped it up with an exceptional weekend on the Olympic peninsula

Here's a look at some of the simple moments from the summer that haven't otherwise made it onto the blog: 

Madeleine loved the grass this summer.

There was a lot of "helping" happening at our house.

Look who caught a glimpse of his admirer!

Banana cake with lemon frosting, just like
Daddy's Nana used to make for him. 

A moment of glee - captured!

We enjoyed a bit of Mt. Rainier with our visitors.

Madeleine loved her friend's playhouse.

Madeleine did a lot of eating out and left quite a
few messes...and large tips to compensate.

Madeleine and Mum took many walks.
Brown Bear came along for some of them.

Master of the sippy cup!

We took our first family hike.

Madeleine had her first bouncy house experience.
She loved it!

We all survived a few fits. 

The water table was a big hit. 

Madeleine already likes sun bathing. Ugh. 

We all survived a few sick days. 

Madeleine shared her slide with friends.

Mum's shoes don't quite fit...yet.

Madeleine started and ended most days by reading.

She continued to be our quality control expert.

Madeleine met as many dogs as possible, including sweet Sadie.

We said goodbye to Madeleine's first babysitter, who just
moved to Pittsburgh. We'll all miss CJ! 

Madeleine was happy to inherit her Mum's earbuds.

Look who learned to walk! 

Look who's working on using silverware!

We are so blessed. What a summer! What were the special everyday moments of your summer?

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Janie said...

Great summer...even greater post. My, what a difference a few weeks make.