18 September 2013

Lil' Hardware Update

The handles and knobs in our kitchen and powder room have never really been in keeping with our taste. The powder room had brass fish as the knobs, and the kitchen cabinets sported some sort of antique brass finish on the knobs and pulls.

After nearly a year, the fish have been laid to rest and replaced by some simple matte black knobs. I don't have any photos because George practically ran in to change them out as soon as the new hardware arrived.

In the kitchen, we were limited in types of pulls because of the location of holes from the previous ones. Because of that and my satisfaction with the general style, the new ones are not so different. But, with the busy patterns of both the wood grain and counter tops, I'm much happier with the simpler matte black hardware. It really makes such a difference...at least when you have to stare at it day after day.

I really can't believe that it took us a year to get to this project. It wasn't terribly expensive, and it only took George two nap times to get them all changed out (and at least two trips to the hardware store for the right length of screw, but that's a post all its own). Lots of credit to my husband for executing my plan.

So, what minor changes have you made to your home that have major impact?


Kendra G. said...

Greg is in the process of changing out the hardware in our kitchen this week. It really does make such a difference! I love your new handles and knobs.

Janie said...

And I changed mine last year too. When I saw that the old handle marks were a tiny bit larger, I put the "face plate"behind them. Love them. A little change can be big!