06 September 2013

Pinned It & Did It: Skinny Cork Board

I must admit that this week's project is one from the archives. Misha and I made these almost a year ago, and I never shared it on the blog. I also just hung it on the wall a few weeks ago, so it's still relatively fresh. 

Unfortunately, this one doesn't come with an original source. It doesn't come with a tutorial either, but it's really very simple. 

Supplies: Yardstick (preferably one with a pre-drilled hole), Glue (hot glue, Gorilla glue, or craft glue), Corks, X-acto knife

Cut your corks in half, glue them to the yardstick (after first working out a suitable arrangement), and let the glue cure. Smile! You've just completed a cute and really easy project. 

Mine is still waiting for some pins and pictures/cards to hang from it. At least it has found a home on our walls. Baby steps! 


Carly said...

Dave and I have a game room and the chair rail is win corks all the way around. :) They have a lot of fun uses :)

ALKS said...

I bet it's cute, Carly! Thanks for sharing the idea!

Anonymous said...

Nathan wants to do this in our new place now. Than,s for sharing the craftiness!