25 September 2013

Sam's Rainbow Baby Shower: Part I

A couple of weeks ago, I was honored to host the local baby shower for my dear friend, Sam. Lucky for me, Sam was open to having a rainbow themed party. I was thrilled to get more mileage out of the first birthday decorations while enjoying the challenge of finding a new spin.

With that, let's take a look at the decoration details. Huge thanks to Ellen, who captured some beautiful shots and agreed to let me share them.

Did somebody say party? (Pssst. Those are our new paint colors.)

I gave new life to the rainbow balloon wreath with a little white paper banner.

Photo Credit: Ellen G.

Inside, I made use of our "art nook" by setting up a name tag station. Sam has friends from so many different parts of her life that I thought it'd be nice for everyone to have some assistance remembering names to go with the new faces. Or maybe I selfishly wanted some help remembering names...?

In the formal living room, I hung a bunting over the fireplace. 

The father-to-be helped me surprise Sam by getting baby pictures from both of their mothers, which I displayed on a simple string with mini clothespins. 

Photo Credit: Ellen G.
Photo Credit: Ellen G.

In the dining room, I set up a little display on the sideboard. 

Sam loves Twinkies, so it had to be done.

Photo Credit: Ellen G.

Cupcake credit goes to Sam's friend, Sarah, who supplied them along with beverages and a salad. I made some simple washi tape flags to go on the cupcakes.

Photo Credit: Ellen G.

I loved reading all the wishes for baby from my shower so much that I decided to repeat the activity. 

 On the table, I used a plain white table cloth, large confetti (made using cardstock and a hole punch), and tea lights inside Mason jars with a bit of sand. 

Photo Credit: Ellen G.

The shower was at 11am, so I served brunch-type foods. 

Photo Credit: Ellen G.
Photo Credit: Ellen G.
For those who may be wondering about the balloon ice cubes, I tried the concept again using regular balloons rather than water balloons, and it worked! Unfortunately, I completely forgot to photograph it. 

And, with that, we were ready for guests to arrive! 
Come back soon to see some action shots.

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