16 September 2013

What makes home home?

This theme keeps coming up in conversations, so I'm going to take a few minutes to write about it. 

I believe that one element of "home" is comprised of the things we bring into our house. The things that surround us become familiar and, in concert with memories and time, transform a house into a home. 

Anyone who knows my mom knows that she's a collector. I've called her a hoarder, but it's really more that she keeps things around that are meaningful or interesting to her. Don't we all? 

One thing I remember always being at our home growing up was her collection of antique glass jars. I never thought much about them until I was visiting, and my mom mentioned that she was interested in moving them on to their next home. I thought about it for about 20 seconds and suddenly realized that they are both something meaningful (or at least familiar) from my childhood and also something I'd pick up at an antique store myself. Fast forward a few weeks, and two boxes marked fragile arrived on my doorstep. 

Look at what's now sitting on our mantel: 

George and I often talk about deliberately choosing the items we want to be "home" for Madeleine, and I am so thrilled that one of those items is going to be something that has been "home" for me since I was her age. 

What makes your home home? 


Apologies for the quiet week last week. Getting ready for a baby shower and visiting family while caring for a sick child means that "blog" was left unchecked on my to-do list all week. Here's hoping that some good health and regular routines are just around the corner!

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Janie said...

They look beautiful and I am glad that they have a new home. Many of your friends used to say they felt "warm" in our home. May yours be equally toasty full of meaningful memorabilia.