05 May 2012

Babymoon: Part 1

After consider several alternatives, George and I decided that we'd spend our last vacation as a childless couple exploring the Pacific Northwest. So, I devised a plan that would allow us to explore the coasts of Oregon and Washington in the week that we'd set aside for the vacation.

The babymoon started on a Thursday afternoon. We left Kirkland and missioned down I-5, only really hitting traffic south of Portland. We eventually cut west, driving through the beautiful, mossy, remote Siuslaw National Forest. Our destination was a little, comfortable retreat called Ocean Haven, located on the coast in Yachats, Oregon. It would be our headquarters for two nights. We arrived at Ocean Haven just in time to see the last light of day fade over the Pacific.

On Friday, we woke to the ocean at our doorstep and set out for Newport, Oregon to check out the Oregon Coast Aquarium. I'll be honest: I was a little disappointed in the aquarium after having heard that it was nearly as good as Monterey Bay. However, there was still plenty of cuteness to go around and enough underwater goodness to make me really miss diving.





While we were driving to and from Newport, we stopped at several coastal viewpoints to get a better look at the rugged Oregon coast.

We explored the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area and did a bit of light hiking (read: as long and challenging of walks as my bladder and my clumsy feet would allow) to check out Devil's Churn and the Giant Spruce.

Entering Devil's Churn (at low tide)

Devil's Churn (at low tide)

Giant (500 year old) Sitka Spruce

The spruce started out on a nurse log, so you can now see through from one side to the other. 

Before rounding out our day with truly remarkable, incredibly fresh seafood at Luna Sea Fish House, we drove up to the Cape Perpetua lookout to catch the view from Oregon's highest coastal lookout. Remarkable, indeed...and these photos don't even begin to do it justice.

From Cape Perpetua, looking south

From Cape Perpetua, looking south

From Cape Perpetua, looking south (Devil's Churn in the bottom right corner)

No crazy hair here. Cape Perpetua, looking north

Proof that we were there...

On Saturday morning, we left Ocean Haven and headed for a detour: Eyrie Vineyards in McMinnville. We can't step foot in Oregon without visiting our favorite winery and chatting with Jacques. Even if I can only have a swallow or two, I loved every morsel of the 2001 Pinot Noir and 1989 Pinot Gris he was pouring.

Stay tuned for the rest of the babymoon recap, including our return to the Oregon coast and adventures on the Olympic Peninsula...

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