07 May 2012

Weekend in Photos

Before the weekend recap in photos, a bit of a recap in words. This was a glorious weekend in western Washington. We had sun with clear, blue skies and comfortably warm temperatures on Saturday and Sunday, raising spirits and bringing local rhododendrons to bloom. Days like yesterday remind all of us why we deal with live in this region. We expect more fantastic weather today and tomorrow before the return of rain and chilly temperatures on Wednesday.

More personally, this weekend brought serious transition to our house. On Friday night, two of our friends came over to help us George move furniture around our house in preparation for baby's arrival. Every bedroom except the master is being repurposed, so there was a lot of shifting of shelves and furniture much to big/heavy for George to move on his own or for me to help him move. Thank goodness for strong friends who are generous with their time!

And now for the photos...

It's okay to supplement my breakfast with a pistachio and buttercream cupcake, right? (Easy, delish recipes here and here. Substitute applesauce for the oil for a healthier, more moist cupcake.)

Organized bobbins...no nesting going on here...

I came home from yoga to find George undertaking the Great Cable Reorg of 2012. Nesting? What nesting?

Still growing...32.5 weeks

I bit the bullet and decided to recycle my law school notes, articles, handouts, outlines, and the like. 

This may be the last weekend for my tulips, but aren't they beautiful? 

Not yet a nursery; no longer a craft room. (Yes, Baby Girl's closet organizer is the first thing to be installed in the nursery.)

Hopefully this week will bring a bit more organization to our house as we get things settled and I take on a few long-procrastinated sewing projects. How was your weekend? What's on your plate for the week ahead?

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