07 May 2012

Babymoon: Part 2

Part 1

When we left off, we'd spent a couple of days on the central coast of Oregon and headed inland for a detour to Eyrie Vineyards. I got a bit ahead of myself because, before we headed to McMinnville, we drove north to Lincoln City and made a few more stops on the coast.

Cooks Chasm

Yaquina Head Lighthouse outside Newport, Oregon

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

At Yaquina Head

View north from Yaquina Head

After heading inland to pick up and taste wine at Eyrie, we drove back to the coast and north toward our evening's destination: Cannon Beach. But first, we drove through Tillamook, Oregon, and it seemed wrong to not stop at the Tillamook factory. We were there just before closing time but had enough time to sample some cheese, buy some goodies for a picnic, and indulge in ice cream.

Driving on, just south of Cannon Beach, we stopped at a viewpoint only to discover that the Coast Guard was out looking for someone in the water. While it was neat to see the chopper conducting its search pattern, it was sobering to think about what they must be hoping to find.

Looking north

Looking south

In Cannon Beach, we enjoyed evening and morning walks on the beach, people-watching, great food at the Irish Table, and tasty coffee at Sleepy Monk. I was totally charmed by Cannon Beach and hope to return; it seems like an easy beach vacation, just an hour and a half from Portland.

Haystack Rock

Dusk walk on Cannon Beach

Evening at Cannon Beach (notice the light from the boat continuing the Coast Guard's search)

Morning at Cannon Beach

Proof that we were there...

On Sunday morning, we set off from Cannon Beach and headed toward the Washington border. Just north of the border, we took a minor detour to take in some beautiful sites (and sights) along the WA-100 loop.

So many varieties of green...all natural

View south from North Head Lighthouse

North Head Lighthouse

North Head Lighthouse

View north from North Head Lighthouse

One of the highlights of the trip was the picnic George and I enjoyed on the beach at Cape Disappointment, literally just north of the Oregon/Washington border. We pulled out the snacks we'd packed for the trip and meat, cheese, and mustard from Tillamook for a delicious lunch. It was sunny, warm, and totally unexpected.


Sand Dune

Breakwall at Cape Disappointment

Beach at Cape Disappointment (with North Head Lighthouse in the distance)

Stay tuned for the rest of the babymoon, including the Olympic Peninsula, the northwesternmost point in the lower 48, and an itinerary change...

Part 3

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