18 May 2012

Friday Night Creativity

Apologies for the silence this week. I was busy enjoying my mom's company and taking advantage of her help nesting. I plan to show you (some of) the fruits of our labor next week; the rest will have to wait until the nursery is ready for its reveal. Since my mom left on Thursday, I've been hanging out in my craft room, trying to cross more things off of my pre-baby list, and I'm happy to report that I'm making progress. 

Speaking of progress, I thought I'd briefly share with you what I made in the last two to 2.5 hours: a nursing cover. Once again, I used a helpful tutorial written by Amy at Diary of a Quilter. It was incredibly easy to follow, and the project was a quick one. 

Pardon the photo quality - this is from the reflection in the window.

All folded up...

Most of the crafty projects I'm undertaking for the nursery/baby end up costing nearly the same as the store bought version, if not a little more. For me, it's more about enjoying the creative process and getting to have something more unique than a mass-produced item. This nursing cover, however, came in well below the cost ($15-$30) of its retail counterparts. 

This is the approximate breakdown: 
  $6.99 - 1 yard of Annbeth fabric (used 3/4 yard) at Ikea
  $2.49 - 1 package of D rings (used 2 of 4 in package) at Joann Fabric
  $1.65 - 1/2 yard of boning at Joann Fabric

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