28 May 2012

Weekend in Photos

It was a holiday weekend (Memorial Day) so with the long weekend comes a long photo recap of our 3-day weekend.  

Every Saturday morning needs fresh snickerdoodles with white chocolate chips.

When the recipe calls for one red Thai chili, you probably shouldn't double it.  (Thai Pineapple Fried Rice)

It's good to know that we can get a little piece of Hong Kong in Bellevue at Din Tai Fung.

We met up with friends and their two little boys at Chateau Ste. Michelle's Stay Cation car show. 

Our 2011 Christmas tree is finally going to meet its maker next weekend.  I can't believe how just moving it from one place to another in the garage stirred up such awesome sappy scents. 

Baby girl can measure her growth against a kiwi, a pukeko, and various moa.  However, she's never really going to grow up, right? 

This paper is not going to be used for wrapping or scrapbooking.  Any guesses?

Most organized girl on the block... 

George made banana, mango, serrano chili sorbet. Yum!

Looks like the baby webcam works on our TV.

Baby girl has been blessed with so many books that her daddy had to install four more shelves.

George (successfully) tried his hand at drywalling this weekend. 

Tomorrow morning's projects are all ready for me and my machine. 

I must share with you two real conversations from our house this weekend:

Him: What are you doing?
Me: Contemplating.
Him: Contemplating what?
Me: How frighteningly close to completion this nursery is.

Him: Uh oh.
Me: What?
Him (surveying the crib, carseat, and stroller): It looks like we're going to have a baby soon.

Are we soon-to-be first time parents or what?  We're both so excited to meet our little girl, yet not entirely sure we're prepared for parenthood and the major life alterations that are just around the corner.  Can one ever truly be ready?

1 comment:

Janie said...

One can never be truly ready but the amazing, awesome, terrific,life-transforming love that you will experience is not found in any manual. A relationship second-to-none is about to be born.

And.........hmmm on the paper. I can't guess?