13 May 2012

Weekend in Photos

Another great weekend is in the books. The weather was fabulous, and my mom is here for a visit. What more could I ask for?

We worked up an appetite for Red Mill by posing for maternity photos taken by Evantide Photography (can't wait to see them!!).

We found space for my mom to sleep just one week after the great house reorganization. It's a minor miracle!

I'm not the only one nesting...
Photo by George

Our unborn child bought me a lily for Mother's Day. Shopping before even being born: impressive. 

I found the panoramic function on my phone...and it was a fabulous Sunday morning in Seattle. 

Mother's Day 2012...a special day indeed. (33.5 weeks)

Brunching at Salty's left us all satisfied for the whole day. 

The first (of many) loads of baby laundry is complete.

I'm looking forward to a great week with my mom in town and perhaps some more Seattle sun. How was your weekend? What's in store for your week?