28 October 2013

Fall in San Jose

What a wonderful weekend! We spent this weekend in Silicon Valley, which included hanging out with the Midgleys, our second pumpkin patch experience, and delicious Sunday morning brunch with other friends who are former Seattlites. I'll let some photos tell most of the story.

As much as we wish these guys were back in Seattle, we love visiting them in California once or twice a year. 

Guess who's all about lifting her shirt and sharing her new word, "belly"? 

The kiddos had their first carousel experiences. The boys loved it while Madeleine merely tolerated it. 

Traveling becomes more challenging as Madeleine gets older. She was definitely out of sorts when we first got to the hotel and when we first met up with the Midgleys, but she eventually warmed up. Even though it can be challenging, I think it's important to keep exposing her to new experiences. 

Overall, it was a great trip and definitely too short! 

(Check out these three kiddos last October.)

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