23 October 2013

Modern Traditional Patchwork Ombre Quilt

I am so excited to share my most recent quilt, which is going to live in Dallas with Denaye and David's son. Denaye and David like both modern and traditional elements, so I tried to incorporate both into this quilt. Denaye asked me to try to do something ombre, and this nursery rug inspired the palette.

I used a traditional patchwork pattern but all solid fabric and straight line quilting for modern touches. 

Check out that post-laundry crinkle! 

All those solids made the front a little serious, so I lightened up the back with this cute puppy print.

I can't wait to see the little guy having tummy time on his quilt! 


Janie said...

Beautiful. Loads of memories will be made on this fabulous quilt!

denayeb said...

It's perfect!