11 October 2013

Pinned It & Did It: Autumn Burlap Wreath

It's autumn and finally time to dig out my burlap yardage and one of my very first pins. I'm going to go ahead and call this the year of burlap. Our local craft stores are overflowing with burlap products at the moment!

I started with this inspiration...

Pin. Original Source.

...and I pretty much just followed the tutorial.

I pulled out my burlap (roughly 2 yards) and a foam wreath form. First, I cut the burlap into roughly 4-inch wide strips.

Then I cut those strips into 4-inch squares. Note: getting the exact size is not nearly as important as making sure that every piece is more square than rectangle.

I put two folded squares on each floral pin, like so.

This is what 90-100 squares look like in a stack and on the wreath:

I definitely bunched my squares closer together than the original creator, but I like the bulky (rather than airy) appearance that resulted. Most of all, I love that this wreath oozes texture.

Here's my final product, embellished with a $1 Michaels bat for Halloween.

What autumn projects have you undertaken?

1 comment:

Janie said...

Being beige, you can use this for several holidays...just take off the bat and add a ____________ and there you go!