18 October 2013

Pinned It & Did It: Repurposed T-Shirt Romper

I believe that this is my first ever clothing sewing project. At least, it's my first non-Halloween costume clothing sewing project. Like always, it started with a simple Pin.

Pin. Source.

It continued with my hoarding habit. Specifically, I held onto a t-shirt from college from the alma mater of my dear friends, Denaye and David. Pretty much the minute that Denaye told me that she was pregnant, I thought about this lil' sewing tutorial and the t-shirt in my craft cabinet. 

One night, I decided I'd finally cut the freshly laundered shirt into pieces. 

An hour and a bit later, and I had this. 

A little more time spent sewing snaps into place...

...and this baby was born. 

This was a remarkably easy project, and I hope it'll bring lots of pride to its new owner and his parents. 


Janie said...

I love this. Why didn't we think of that a generation ago?

Anonymous said...

You're so crafty and thoughtful what a cool idea.

denayeb said...

We love it! He will get lots of wear out of it.

Megan said...

holy cow, I love this!

ALKS said...

Thanks, guys!