16 October 2013

Baby Flock's Happy Nursery

You've already seen Sam's baby shower (parts one and two) and gotten a sneak peek at the fabric used in her nursery linens. Today, I'm thrilled to show you the very happy and bright nursery that Sam and her husband have designed for their baby.

I'm going to keep my commentary to a minimum so that you can soak up all of this cheerfulness.

Get ready to smile!

Fun Fact: This needlepoint hung in Sam's room as a child. How special is that?! 

These are the sheets and crib skirt that I made from that delicious fabric Sam picked out. 

Take a closer look at the changing pad cover and wall color.

This may be a bit familiar...?

Every child of a New Yorker needs a plush NY slice of pizza!

The bunting includes all of the nursery fabrics (one sheet and one changing pad cover not shown).

Gizmo is all ready to welcome his little brother to the happiest nursery in the universe!

A la YHL, what's your favorite part? It's a tough one because I'm still a sucker for cute and crisp crib skirt pleats, but I think the bright needlepoint being used by a second generation wins for me. 


denayeb said...

Gorgeous! Love the patterns and final products. I love the rainbow pics on the wall as well.

Side note...you know your pregnant when looking at a slice of stuffed pizza makes you hungry.

Janie said...

Many memories will be made here...my best, Sam.