07 October 2013

Weekend in Photos

It was such a beautiful weekend here in the Pacific NW. We enjoyed just the right balance of planned fun, spontaneous activities, and relaxation this weekend. The blue skies and sunshine were a special bonus. I wish they all could be like this.

Madeleine was so tired on Friday night that she instantly assumed her sleeping position. 

Saturday morning, I tripled my favorite pancake recipe to stock the freezer.

My Saturday morning breakfast dates. 

We visited the local pumpkin patch. Check back soon for more photos.

Madeleine spends hours watching out the window for the neighbor dog. What does she do when he comes over for a visit? Keeps her distance and stares him down.

My phone took a picture inside my clutch during our Saturday night date. 

Big girl eats her own soft taco these days.

I spotted some perfect fall ombre in downtown W-ville.

Fresh from our garden.

Leftover carrot cake. OMG.

Madeleine has outsmarted some of our childproofing, so George stepped up his game with tighter latches.

I had a "helper" while sewing on Sunday afternoon. Future tailor?

After weeks of rain, it was wonderful to get out and run about in the yard. 

Of course, Madeleine had to tear up the leaves she found on the ground. 

What did you get up to this weekend?

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Janie said...

What a great synopsis! So wish I were there to have some fall fun with her....