02 October 2013

Signs of Autumn

Autumn is certainly upon us. Our weather has gone straight from the best summer in memory to the wettest September on record. I must admit to being a bit depressed about the amount of grey and rain we've had these last few weeks as this weather usually waits until well into October to set in for at least six to eight months. Suddenly, June feels a looooong time from now.

Alas, even our rainy days typically include bursts of sunshine. Yesterday afternoon, one of those sunbursts overlapped with a shower to yield a lovely rainbow against the dark sky.

Autumn also bring spiders galore. This is my poor attempt to capture our lilac bush dripping with spider webs and covered with dew.

What signs tell you that the new season has arrived? Is anyone else jealous of the Southern Hemisphere as it prepares for spring and summer?

1 comment:

Janie said...

Cooler weather arriving.....we have on the flannel sheets already, the leaves are falling faster than lightening and David is salivating over getting the woodburner cranked. Yep, it is serious fall here.