26 November 2007

Creme Brulee

I can't resist sharing photos of George's first experiment with creme brulee. What a nice surprise after 12 hours of studying!

Thankgsiving Weekend

George and I had a nice Thanksgiving feast at Sam and Brian's new house. Everyone contributed something yummy, and no one went home hungry. Thanks for hosting, Sam and Brian!

On Friday, we drove up to Anacortes to see Mike and Erin. They were in town visiting relatives, so we took advantage of the opportunity to see some hometown friends. We took a walk in the crisp, sunny weather before having lunch. Great to see you, Erin and Mike!

19 November 2007

San Francisco Treat

This weekend, we met up with Tim and Kirsten in San Francisco. George was finishing up two weeks of work in Mountain View and Tim and Kirsten were over from London. It was a fantastic weekend of great friends, awesome food, and some pretty marvelous fog. Here are a few photos. More are posted in the Gallery.

05 November 2007

Farewell, locks.

This weekend, my hair reached the end of its road with me. I cut off 8 inches of hair for Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I'm enjoying the lighter load, and I know a woman with cancer will enjoy my thick hair. It's a win-win situation!

01 November 2007


Oh, Halloween.

Last weekend, Bryan and Kyle hosted a Halloween party. I made my very own prison jumpsuit and individually-wrapped brownies for my Martha Stewart costume. I haven't been dressed up since I was a ballerina at age 5, so what better time to return to childhood than in law school? (Unfortunately, George was returning from Mountain View and couldn't join me in this fine American tradition.)

Here are some (slightly embarrassing) photos:

Naomi (card shark), Amanda (Martha Stewart), Jenni (Hester Prynne), Kiki (1983 Prom Queen), Josh (1983 Prom King)

Bryan (Abe Lincoln) and Amanda (Martha Stewart)