28 October 2015

September 2015 Recap

Hello! I'm stopping in to share our September photos (at the end of October) after an unanticipated blogging break. I'll be honest: I didn't really see this coming. 

September sort of swept me away as we adjusted to our new schedules and routines. Despite having one fewer child to wrangle during the week, I haven't really found myself with any additional time. 

On top of this, I'm really trying to be more present and less connected. I uninstalled Facebook from my phone and actually go days without even opening the page on my computer. It's almost like I'm living in 1999 and not comparing my every move with those of friends/acquaintances/strangers anymore. I highly recommend giving it a go! 

So, I'm not sure how often I'll be on here or what the future holds for this space, but...today...here I am.

Madeleine started preschool at the local Montessori school. Appropriately, it rained on the first day of school. The first two or three weeks were a bit rough, but she is now thriving in the environment and with the schedule. As her teacher says, Madeleine is Montessori to the core. 

When I found out that there was going to be a half marathon on my usual running trail on the day when I was already planning to run a 12-mile training run, I decided to just do the whole race. I improved my time by 15 minutes and had a ball. Oh, and I ran every last step. :-)

I have THE best cheering squad. I am so grateful for George's unwavering encouragement of my running habit and willingness to take the parenting reins solo during so much of his weekends.

 On of of the last remaining sunny days, I met up with a friend with our toddlers and cameras to go crazy capturing the kiddos. Elliott cooperated a little, but I just love how he decided to turn away from me when I got him to sit still in the light I wanted. And, yes, I do think he's going to have some curls in his beautiful ginger hair.

I'm a sucker for matching jammies. Funny thing is that big sister only just outgrew these ones, and little brother is already busting out of them!

On a day off of school, I took the kids to the zoo. We took advantage of getting to feed the giraffes, though Madeleine dropped her leaves and backed up as soon as the tall guy came near. 

Elliott loved the hiking pack and penguin exhibit.

Elliott is following in Madeleine's footsteps as he loves to empty any and every drawer he can find and pull disposable diapers out of the package. Realistically, this photo represents a lot of why I'm not around this blog very often. 

Madeleine has a wild imagination, and I never know what adventures I'll find her leading when I go into her room each morning. 

Hmmm, I wonder who threw every toy and easily removable article of clothing out of the crib at the end of nap time...

George and I enjoyed a rare date day to hear a live taping of two NPR shows.

And how could I not share these growing, plump feet?

I hope your October is going well. With any luck, I'll be back to share our Halloween costumes soon!