02 September 2015

August 2015 Recap

While I want to say that August went really fast, the reality is that there were a lot of long days during the month. Madeleine finished daycare at the end of July and spent August home full time. We had quite a few adventures and not too many naps, so there were definitely challenging times. But, a look back at the photos reminds me of all that we accomplished...where accomplished is defined by toddler outings and ridiculous costumes.

Throughout the month, there has been a major construction project behind our house, and M has loved spotting giant excavators and other exciting equipment.

At the beginning of the month, my good friend and her son, my godson, came over for a fun visit.

The kids loved splashing in the water table and pool together.

We went out to lunch on the afternoon of the Seafair hydroplane races, and Madeleine was enthralled with them and still asks about the way they work and why they need cranes to be lifted from the water.

Elliott was happy to much on Madeleine's leftovers of a crab apple from our yard. 

This is pretty much life at our house: one kid constantly in motion and a second trying to do as much as he can. 

Madeleine took swimming lessons twice a week during August. I'm so proud of her independence and confidence in the water. She made a lot of progress, and the teacher even experimented with removing her floats all together during her last lesson.

We hosted a couple of fun PEPS events at our house.

Busted! This cutie has started to chew on his crib. No bueno.

I love to see the toy combinations she creates (this ensemble includes strings from lacing cards, blocks from a shape sorting stacking toy, and small plush animals), but I don't love that she has started to ask for pets. Pure karma.

Elliott can get into things Madeleine couldn't reach until she was at least a year older (and more likely to listen to our logic and reason). Among them: wine fridge, range dials and buttons, top drawers, and countertops). 

To help Madeleine's visual learning, I've labeled various things around the house. After reading a new back to school book, she decided to swipe one of them for her nametag. Ha!

Salmon fillet as sandwich.

I laid down my 364 day old and woke up to a one year old. Birthday details to come.

Actually, I didn't wake Elliott on his birthday because I was out on a 9.5 mile run with Rachel. We were rewarded for our early morning hard work with several hot air balloons in the sky along with the most eerie red sunrise as a result of the devastating wildfires to our east. 

One day, I got out the nice camera to capture playtime in the yard.

Have no fear - I live with a firefighting super hero!

Madeleine was all bravery and excitement on her first visit to her new school. 

I scored this hiking pack for virtually nothing, and Elliott is super excited to have both a good view and easy access to pulling his mother's hair.

Friends visited from New Zealand, and Madeleine was more than happy to show their tot the ropes. 

After the brunt of the windstorm died down, Madeleine and I took our "babies" out for a walk. I just love her technique. I don't love that our neighbor's tree fell down, mostly in our yard.

On her last day at home before starting school, Madeleine chose to paint. No surprises there.

And, finally, I captured proof that George's prediction (months before Madeleine was born) that she would be able to scale her bookshelves like a ladder has come true. Part spiderwoman?

Part of me is really sad for summer to go, but the other part of me is grateful that it happened and ready to cozy up in that delicious fall wardrobe waiting for me. How about you?