24 December 2007

Past Posts

I updated posts from July and August to add favorite photos and movies from China, Australia, and New Zealand. The full collection of photos are still in the Gallery. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

We're having a really nice season in Ohio. Yesterday was an extended family gathering, and today we had Christmas with my brother and his family. It's been more than a year since we've seen my family (other than my mom and David), so it's really nice to visit with everyone! The kids have especially grown up a lot this year. Laila's now 5 years old. She loves arts and crafts, princesses, and saying "sweet." Beathan is already 14, in high school, and too cool for most things. Time flies!

These are some photos from this morning's nature walk. David has created and maintained a nice trail through the property. The boys [George, Justin (my brother), and Beathan (my nephew)] spent most of the time stomping through every frozen puddle and stream along the way.

15 December 2007

Holiday Party Time

Last night was George's company's holiday party. In true "G" style, they threw quite the bash...Mardi Gras-style! We were greeted at the door with beads and a ticket to redeem for casino chips. They had a full spread (fresh beef, made-to-order pasta, ravioli, fresh veggies, salad, and chocolate fountain and dippers) for dinner and, of course, a full bar open all evening. They had a good selection of entertainment...a jazz band, a magician, photos (like prom, only printed immediately and free), tables for making masks, and lots of faux casino tables. George and I certainly enjoyed a nice evening with our friends! Here are a few pics...