30 September 2012

Weekend in Photos

It was a busy weekend. Are you ready for a lot of photos?

Giggling baby

Waiting to get into a large (disappointing) consignment sale

It seems we bought a house. 

This house - to be exact

Madeleine has graduated from the Ergo infant insert. Tear.

Blue skies

She likes her new digs.

Look at what grows outside our new kitchen window.

The house comes with a few pumpkins. Good timing.

Hot air balloons from our new backyard

Family stroll

Miss M in her new bathtub

New jammies!

"Mum, Daddy dressed me again."

The last pie I'll bake in our first house

"I'm ready to go see our PEPS friends and their parents."

Easy caprese

For some reason seeing these new-to-us toys ready to be added to the collection make me happy. 

We have a busy week ahead - lots of packing and back-and-forth between houses. I hope we get some good sleep tonight because this weekend was exhausting. How was your weekend? What's on the agenda for the week ahead?

Apple Season

Guess what just came out of the oven...

26 September 2012

Madeleine - Week 13

This is the week of the fist. Let me explain: Madeleine is going through some nasty teething, and the only thing she can manage to keep in her mouth long enough to provide temporary relief is her fist. So, she has been sucking on her fist for pretty much four days straight. At least it hasn't dampened her spirit (much).

And check out those toes! She has the most expressive little feet.

In case you're tracking, I went into labor three months ago today...which makes tomorrow Madeleine's 3-month birthday. Where, oh where, does time go?

23 September 2012

Weekend in Photos

Please tell me that the weekend isn't over already...

Waking up a sleeping baby: difficult but worth it to have an established schedule.

Saturday morning wake up. Thank you for a full night of sleep! 

So exciting to celebrate 3 pregnancies, 1 baby, 2 weddings, and 1 bar passage. 

Someone doesn't want to nap in the crib. Someone doesn't want to be photographed. I'll let you decide who is whom. 

Psssst. We're moving. 

Special delivery for Madeleine from my alma mater.

Even more special delivery for Miss M. I guess the picture passed government inspection.

The first boxes are packed. Many more to come... 

Fall dahlia - what a nice surprise. 

Madeleine would put both fists and Sophie in her mouth at once if she could. Teething is rough. 

Empty boxes for packing wine...

So many delicious wines and courses of food...yet it's the reflection of the water glass that caught my eye. Date nights are even more special now that they're limited.

It's been quite the weekend, and we have a week of packing ahead of us. What's going on in your life?

20 September 2012

DIY Baby Sprinkle Favors

I recently had the privilege of making favors for a friend's baby sprinkle. Because it was a small group of ladies, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do something personalized. I was also itching to use the inspiration I found in this blog post. Yes, the favors were inspired by a simple clay tag.

The favors were housed in simple glass containers from World Market and filled with a satchel of lavender and a little baggie of bath salts.

I just love these muslin baggies, which I labeled using basic stamping supplies.

Once I'd stuffed the contents into the containers, I decorated them with some oven-baked clay tags (baby footprints on the pearl clay and the guest's first initial on the purple clay, except on the extra) tied on using raffia.

I feel like the bride telling her bridesmaids that they'll wear their dresses again...but I truly think these favors will be used.

What will you be inspired to make this week?

19 September 2012

Madeleine - Week 12

We had a fabulous day today. Madeleine and I went to a baby aerobics class at our gym (aerobics for mom done while carrying baby in a front pack) and then she took a long nap curled up on me. I find myself getting excited about Madeleine moving about and being more interactive but have to stop and remind myself that things like cuddling will be history all too soon.

After the long nap and a feed, it was picture time. It seems that a certain little lady is starting to make the connection because as soon as I laid her on the fabric and picked up the camera, she was all smiles and excitement. When I put the camera down, she was much less animated. Silly girl.

18 September 2012

Grey & Mint Striped Quilt

This post is equal parts quilting craftiness and the joy of gift giving. While I love to pick out just the right gift to celebrate important moments in the lives of the people I love, I get even more satisfaction out of the process when I get to create that gift.

Way back in April, our dear friends, Aaron and Misha, bought their first house. It took a while for me to decide what I wanted to get them to celebrate. When they painted their living room, I decided that the first project I'd tackle after Madeleine's birth would be a quilt for them.

I got some inspiration online and took to the graph paper to work out the design. One of Madeleine's first outings (if I remember correctly, her very first one with just me) was to our local quilt store for some of the fabric. For the color scheme, I drew on Misha's mint inspiration, Misha and Aaron's love of grey (me too!), and the beautiful yet subtle contrast between beige and stark white. Although the quilt is rather simple, its creation was a bit drawn out as I worked on it during Madeleine's naps and occasionally on the weekend. Yesterday, I finally completed it and gave it to its new owners.

Here's the front:

And the back:

All rolled up:

Here's hoping that this quilt will see Aaron and Misha through many happy memories and keep them warm for years to come. What blanket do you use to curl up on a chilly day?

16 September 2012

Weekend in Photos

I'm happy to report that Madeleine and I survived the week with George in New York, and Madeleine has even started sleeping through the night most nights. However, we are mighty glad to be together as a family again. More than anything, the weekend was a mix of anticipation for the week ahead and abrupt reminder that good health should never be taken for granted.

Friday afternoon crafting companion

Somebody is glad to have her daddy back home.

Saturday morning crafting

Newest bib creations

Now that I have short hair, I'm visiting this place nearly every month.

A decent sized carpark? I couldn't possibly be in Bellevue!

A new batch of plush diapers are washed and ready for use. We're loving itti bitti d'lish...even if they are Australian. :-)

We broke out the Bumbo for the first time, and this was Madeleine's general reaction. Check out those toes! (Yes, we know about the recall.)

Danger! George brought these chocolate and hazelnut wafers back from New York.  I.Can't.Stop.Eating.Them.

Somebody decided she needed a nap on her Mum rather than in her crib. 

Not even Madeleine wanted to be awake on Sunday morning.

When the craft/guest room is this messy, you know there has been some serious creating happening. Yikes.

Sunday morning at Pike Place Market

Taking flight in her new plush diaper

How was your weekend? What's in store this week? We're hoping that this week will bring us a bit of certainty about the month ahead. I'm also planning at least two crafty blog posts this week, so stay tuned.