24 April 2009

Market Happiness

After my visit today, I wrote a post all about how much I love Pike Place Market, but I decided that it was too much of a rant.

The market happens to be one of my happy places in the city: lots of cool art, fresh and local food, great people-watching, even better people selling goods, amazing view of the Sound, and the most beautiful selection of flowers around (especially now, during tulip season). Basically, I feel like a real part of the city when I'm at the market, and I love that.

That's all.

21 April 2009

The Little Seeds That Could and Other Spring Tales

You may recall that George's mum visited us last summer and worked a few miracles in our garden. While she was working around the yard, she came upon some laurel seeds and decided to plant them in a row near our front door since we'd like to have something to block off the utility area where we store our hose and would like to store our rubbish bins. She mentioned that she'd put some seeds in the ground and left a stick to mark the area. We took note but didn't really have much expectation. Fast forward through the worst winter in Seattle's memory, and look at what we have:

Well done, Pat!

The other plants near the front door seem to be doing well. I think we lost one or two over the winter. The area is still quite full, and I can see how a few of them are growing and already taking up more ground space. Of course, we are also anxiously awaiting the bloom of our rhododendron in the next month or so. It has the most beautiful pink flowers!

The feijoa cannot be given the same clean bill of health. It was risky to plant it in this zone under normal conditions. In any other winter, it would not have spent nearly a month covered and surrounded, completely, by a blanket of snow, and it might have stood a chance. Alas, winter was not kind to our precious plant, and it's anyone's guess as to whether those few green leaves are going to pull it into our beautiful sunny summer. We're rooting for you, little tree!! [Writer's note: If we're this fussy about our plants, imagine what it'll be like when we get pets, or when we...gasp...have kids.]

While we were working in the yard on Sunday (and pretending that spring had sprung), we were amused by a few things in our little corner of the world (other than George spraying himself with the sprinkler). First, I was working in the front and George was in the back when I looked over my shoulder and discovered a couple (male and female) of mallard ducks wondering onto our lawn. I knew George wouldn't believe me if I didn't call him to see for himself. They were a bit too friendly with me, but they waddled away as soon as George pulled out his G1 for a little photo shoot. There is a creek nearby, but I have never seen ducks in our neighborhood, let alone in our driveway!

Later, while I was weeding and grooming in the perennial border that Pat planted for us, I laughed out loud when I got to the spot where she planted a variety of catnip. Sure enough - the only thing left in its place is a nub of a plant covered in cat hair. Perhaps that explains why our neighbors' cats like to visit our yard so frequently. I'm guessing that one won't be coming up this year...

Finally, to prove that the joy of buying a home from an idiot never really ends, we discovered that a fern that's not doing too well had been planted above the weed liner. I can't believe the thing lasted 2+ years with so little soil and no real root growth! Hopefully our attempt to save the little guy will be successful.

George worked so hard on our lawn this weekend. I can't wait to see it thicken up. Hopefully our plants will all cooperate and help us entertain our VIP guests this summer. In the mean time, let it rain and sun and rain and sun...

13 April 2009

More Engagement Photos

We've received the full collection of engagement photos, and we are so pleased!

Here are a few of our favorites (in addition to the ones Aaron and Meg posted on their blog):

All photos by Evantide Photography.

Kristi & Bryan's Wedding

This past weekend, George and I flew to South Carolina to attend the wedding of my cousin, Kristi, and her husband, Bryan, on the shore of Hilton Head Island. What an amazing weekend! It was so nice to get away, soak up some sun, enjoy the beach, and see my family...and that's before even getting to their spectacular nuptials.

As long as I can remember, I've admired Kristi's taste. Her wedding was no exception. The ceremony, which took place on the beach, and reception, which had an ocean view, were simple, natural, and beautiful. Kristi's style was infused into every aspect of the day from the pre-wedding tunes played on the guitar to her recessional to Margaritaville, from the beach scene wedding cake (complete with white chocolate shells and faux sand) to the pickles served with dinner. I'm so glad that we were there to be a part of the festivities.

[Just before entering the aisle, Uncle Gary asked Kristi if she was ready. She replied instantly with an enthusiastic "yes!" Precious.]

Of course, the wedding had some extra meaning for George and I because it's likely the last wedding we'll attend together before our own journey down the aisle. Babe, I can't wait!

07 April 2009

Engagement Photos

We love our photographers, Aaron and Meg of Evantide Photography! They showed us a great time during our engagement shoot in Bellingham a few weeks ago. They've just finished our photos and posted a blog with a nice sample.

If you're curious, take a look at the Evantide blog.

Which one(s) do you like best?

03 April 2009

Random Friday Night Thoughts

Three pieces of "news":

1. According to our mywedding.com website, there are a mere 99 days until our wedding! It must be official because the first item from our registry was purchased. It's really happening!

2. Check out this new heavy black fabric I bought. Since I'm a sucker for texture (and coupons), I couldn't resist it. While I'm not 100% certain how it's going to be used, I'm 100% certain that I'll find a use for this beauty in our wedding. Stay tuned.

3. George just disclosed that he recorded me snoring on his G1. Oh, the joys of living with a technology monster. In fact, if not for his lovely on-call shift, he probably wouldn't even have been awake to hear me. Oh, wait. He said he recorded it because I was keeping him awake...