20 January 2009


Today was an exciting day in the U.S. and, I suspect, across the globe. Barack Obama has an unenviable role, but I am confident that - if anyone - he can lead the way to success in its many forms. Probably more than anything, I hope that we can cease being the international bully and re-embrace our role as a uniting force internationally. I hope.

15 January 2009

On Riding Metro Buses

I caught myself smiling today. I was riding a Metro bus.

I've been a fan of public transport for a while now...could have something to do with meeting the love of my life in the seat next to me on my way to work one morning. I commuted by bus the whole time I worked downtown and even for my first year of law school. This year, I started driving to school, and - until today - I hadn't realized how much I missed riding buses. They are dirty, uncomfortable, full of germy and interesting people, and they reflect the rawest part of our city. What's not to love?

Thanks to my externship, my buses and I have a date three times a week for the next 15 weeks. Hooray!

08 January 2009

Hello, 2009!

Our weather - first snow and now rain - seems to be landing the Pacific Northwest in the news across the globe. Fortunately, George and I are safe and well. The last bits of snow are melting, and we are protected from flooding as our house is on a fairly high plateau. So, we are just fine.

The break has flown! I've relaxed a lot, and George and I have both played plenty of video games since we got Wii Fit and Rock Band for Christmas. With the weather, we have been able to spend considerable time together: a much appreciated shift from our normal routine.

Additionally, my mom came for a visit. She flew in last Thursday afternoon and returned to NE Ohio this morning. Mom and I had a very nice visit. She and I spent nearly every day shopping - for her quilting fabric, for my scrapbooking supplies, for clothes, for fun jewelry at the market, for bargains in any form. It was a throwback to my days at home when we spent a lot of time window shopping, chatting, and generally enjoying each other's company. Oh, how I've missed that! I feel so fortunate for the relationship that my mom and I share. Across the years and miles, she has remained the ultimate cheerleader and confidant. We always seem to be able to pick up where we left off at the end of the previous visit, and that is more true now than ever.

Along with the old, George and I introduced Mom to the Wii, my favorite NZ wine, and our favorite local restaurant (Purple). Perhaps the most exciting part of the visit was when I drove Mom and I across the WA-520 bridge during a wind storm. The bridge floats, so it sways a bit in the wind and creates a strange sensation as it feels like the car is about to slide off the bridge into the water. I had a solid, white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel while she was gripping the door. All the while, we made it across the bridge and she was able to gain an appreciation for our floating bridges and crazy weather.

Thanks for recalling the old memories and creating new memories, Mama. I miss you already, but I'll see you in March!