20 August 2008

Paul and Robyn in Seattle

George and I really enjoyed hosting Paul and Robyn last week. Here are a few highlights from the visit:

We started with a lovely walk along Alki. The weather was perfect and gave us a really nice view of the city. (Little did I know, George had arranged to surprise me with a birthday BBQ later in the evening.)

Paul and George visited three flight museums in two days. (Robyn and I set out the last two museums in favor of a day at the mall.) Here, they're in the cockpit at the Future of Flight Museum.

We all escaped to Mount Rainier National Park for a hike up Tolmie Peak. The view of Mount Rainier was amazing, and wildflowers were blooming near the top (seen above). Even though the mosquitoes, horse flies, and deer flies were overwhelming, I think we'd all agree that the view was well worth it. Back at the snow-covered trailhead, George and I continued our tradition of swimming in Lake Mowich (not pictured above).

For Paul's 60th, he flew a Cessna over the Seattle area.

The week wrapped up with a special birthday dinner at Herb Farm. What a treat!

Thanks for a very special week, Paul and Robyn!

16 August 2008

San Franciscan Dream

George's dad, Paul, and stepmum, Robyn, are currently visiting the US from New Zealand. Last week, George and I went to San Francisco to visit with them. While George was working, I shared my little knowledge of SF with Paul and Robyn. We put many, many miles on our feet in the process of seeing much of the city and getting to know each other a little better.

For me, the most exciting thing we did was take the ferry across the bay to Sausalito, bus to the Golden Gate Bridge, and walk across. As a child, growing up in rural Ohio, I idolized all things Californian. Most of all, though, I fantasized about the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm pretty sure it's related to my love of Full House and friendship with Richelle, my pen pal in San Jose (with whom I corresponded from ages 6-16). Even living within a few flying hours of San Francisco and seeing the bridge plenty of times, I still haven't been satisfied; I had to get closer to the bridge.

Walking the bridge was neat. I was right there...one with the bridge...up close and personal. While one childhood dream has now been realized, I know the Golden Gate Bridge will continue to hold a special place in my heart as a symbol of all those other childhood dreams yet to be realized. Thanks for the fantastic company on a very sunny and windy day, Robyn and Paul!

More more pictures from San Francisco, check out this folder in the gallery. Pictures from our adventures around Seattle with Paul and Robyn have been posted in a few different folders in the gallery, and I'll blog about it next week. Stay tuned. :-)