26 April 2011

Canadian Rockies

The weekend before this past one, George and I flew to Calgary and then drove to Lake Louise for a weekend away. It was meant to be a birthday surprise, but someone is too clever and figured it out. Another someone isn't very good at surprises and gave away a lot of hints.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time. On Friday night, we ended our week by sitting in the rooftop hot tub watching the snow-covered mountains glow under a nearly full moon. On Saturday, we took walks around part of Lake Louise and part of Emerald Lake. On Sunday, we made a quick stop in Banff before flying back to reality. It was nice to have time dedicated to the two of us, and it's definitely a place that we hope to return...perhaps when our family is a bit larger.

Photos of our weekend are shared here.

23 April 2011

100 years ago

One hundred years ago today, my great grandparents (my mother's father's parents) married.

Here are Edgar and Daisa on their wedding day, April 23, 1911:

And a little later in life:

20 April 2011


This past weekend, George and I took a little getaway to the Canadian Rockies. I'm still sorting through my 250 photos and 10 videos, so I'll leave you with these photos in the mean time.

Just another amazing view (I took this out the windshield):

The view from the village of Lake Louise:

Lake Louise:

10 April 2011


Our mounted photo came back. Remember, we chose this photo as a way to brighten up an otherwise dark bathroom. Do you think it was a success?

So far, I have noticed that having a tropical photo hanging up reminds me that we were once somewhere brilliantly beautiful and tranquil and are no longer there. On the other hand, I suppose that a return trip remains a possibility.

05 April 2011

Special Visitor

Yesterday, Flat Laila arrived at our house. She is the flat version of our niece, Laila, who sent it as part of her class's Flat Stanley project. We'll take her on some adventures this weekend, but she's hanging out in our living room in the mean time.

Welcome, Flat Laila.

03 April 2011

Birthday Wishes

For the past three years, George's birthday has been overshadowed. As a law student, April was a very stressful time with summer plans being finalized and exam preparation in full swing. I am very excited to be able to give George's day a little more attention this year.

I'm glad that you were born, my love. Happy birthday!