30 April 2008

Summer Plans

Today was the last day of classes for my first year. I'm so appreciative of the support of George and family and friends...near and far. You've all been incredibly encouraging even at my darkest moments. Thank you!

Also, I've made a decision about the summer: I'll be living and interning in Alaska during June and July. I'll be in Anchorage at a small law firm that does primarily corporate litigation. It seems like it's going to be a fantastic program. On top of taking a class and getting legal experience, I'm looking forward to experiencing life with moose, midnight sun, and incredible scenery. And, as a bonus, I'll have the month of August to relax and prepare for my second year (rumored to be the year in which students are worked to death).

21 April 2008

Little Thrills

Today feels like Christmas.

I knew the sheetrocker was coming to put up drywall in the first floor bathroom, so I was happy (but not surprised) to find nice, shiny walls in our newest bathroom. Check it out!

When I went upstairs, I wondered why the fan was running in our master bath. Imagine the look on my face when I discovered that the slab fabricator had been here and installed our sink and countertop! I'm pretty sure my jaw actually hit the floor. I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but the slab is the same stone as the shower. It's the "light" version of the tile on the floor. It's only a matter of time until we'll be posting photos of the completed project...

19 April 2008

Spring Snow

We got another spring surprise yesterday: snow. It's rare to get snow here in the lowlands during the winter, so a mid- to late-April snow is especially shocking. At least I'm not tempted to abandon my studies for the outdoors...

12 April 2008

Home Projects Continue

Our guest bathroom project is coming right along. We have two brand new can lights and a working, quiet fan. (And, yes, we know that we have extraordinarily weird studs and beams.) Yeah! The plumber will be here next week, drywaller the week after that, and tile and shower surround the week after that. The vanity, sink, and countertop will trail in sometime in mid-May. We're hoping to have the whole thing done by Memorial Day weekend (last weekend in May) when we're hosting a reunion of my study abroad friends.

Our master bathroom is a slow-go but is also coming along. Enjoy the sneak peek. The shower door will go in next week and the countertop should be ready the week after that. It has been a long few months without our on-suite. We'll really appreciate finishing up this monster!

Meanwhile, today is...by far...the nicest day we've had yet this spring. It's actually warm enough to have the windows and doors open and go around without a coat. Time to go enjoy some contracts reading outside!